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hiring support


Are you having NO luck finding the right candidate for your team?  Feeling overwhelmed with the process of having to hire someone when you are already short staffed? 

You are in LUCK!  That is our specialty!  We are not your average recruitment firm. We know the IMPORTANCE of finding the right fit for your team.  

We will interview YOU to learn about the needs and culture of your business.  

Skills are one thing (don't worry we do look for those), but how your new Employee FITS within your company is what we dig deep to find out - because this is what will make your team a SUCCESS!  

But you really do want a say...

We get this.  Hiring a recruiter to fill your small team isn't something everyone is comfortable with.  Don't worry!  We actually will not make your final decision for you!  We just take the work out of the search.  We will provide you with the top candidates for your vacancy and then you get to decide which one you jive best with!

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virtual business administration


a snapshot of some of our services

It's impossible to list all the services we have available, due to the unique nature of each business but some of the services we have done before are:

  • Business Organization
  • Creating & Implementing System Based Processes
  • New Employee & Client Onboarding
  • Data Entry
  • Document & Template Creation
  • Software Research
  • Content Development
  • Proofreading & Editing
  • Social Media Management
  • Client Care & Maintenance

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