wondering how this all works?

Virtual Administration is when your business needs some extra hands to help with some tasks that keep falling off the side of your desk. Yet, you are either not ready or don't have the  need to formally hire another staff member.  

By contracting these tasks to our highly skilled professionals, your personal Virtual Assistant (yes this is the superhero name that is going to make your life easier) you can sit back and know these tasks will be completed properly, efficiently, and NOT by you. Whether it is a one time simple task you need done ASAP, or ongoing support - the possibilities are here!


  • SAVE TIME: we ALL need more time, but logically speaking we can not actually create more time in the day.  However, when you START DELEGATING the tedious tasks to your VA...  you now have more time to focus on what you do BEST - GROWING YOUR BUSINESS!

  • SAVE MONEY:  Simple. Pay for what you NEED. With no overhead costs, sick days or water cooler chats you are ALWAYS ahead.  

  • COMMITMENT: This isn't just a job, your business IS our business. Our success IS your success. 



How can I budget when i don't know how long it will take you to complete my task?

Easy.  We don't bill hourly.  We will build a custom package that suits your needs for a flat fee.  You will know before the job even BEGINS how much it will cost so you can budget for it.

but i need you to be able to use the software we use....

Ok, here's a secret.  We are actually tech geeks.  If it isn't a program we have used before, chances are we can NOT WAIT to learn a new program. 

what if we don't work well together?

That's actually never happened, but it's a complete legitimate question because we are all human and we know that all humans don't always do their best together.  So, if it is a concern and it's not working for you chances are it's not working for us.  Yes, we have a contract and yes we are a professional business but NO - we are not in the gym membership industry.  We will set you free if that is what is best for everyone!

will you charge me for every conversation?

Absolutely not!  We are also not lawyers.  But we do like efficiency and will do our best to figure out the most productive way of communicating with each other - allowing ALL of us to get our work done!

i heard a RUMOR you have a policy about dead goldfish?

First of all, you shouldn't believe the rumors you hear.  However, YES we do have a Dead Goldfish Policy.  It has nothing to do with Goldfish!

who is your ideal client?

This is a favorite. An ideal client for West Coast VBA is someone (or a team) that likes to laugh and have fun, GENUINELY cares about the world we live in and is super passionate and ambitious about growing their business!

Your VA and Hiring Specialist

Experienced. Qualified. Reliable.

Erica has extensive Business Administration and Human Resources experience.  West Coast VBA is founded on her passion, dedication and drive to help others succeed.

"You can do anything, but not everything

 David Allen